March 31

March 31st is the day I picked Trump to “resign” as president.   I circled the date on the calendar about 3 weeks ago.  The 31st of March is the last day of the first financial quarter of the year.

Here is my theory.  Trump can’t help being himself. Which means a couple of things. He loves to win, loves a deal, and generally blames everyone else.  Trump is a business man, first and foremost.  He has been asked to be financially transparent and put his interests in a blind trust, but his kids are running his business and participating actively in his inner circle as “advisors”and if the pattern holds, nothing is going to change in the Trump chain of businesses.

The history of his business also includes settlement vs. trial for cases against him.  He works the system well, evaluating what the cost of doing business is, knowing what his bottom line is, what his loss tolerance is and going right up to it.  If he settles a case against him, he is not “guilty” he is just doing business.  His style is a winner/looser equation.  If he bankrupts, it is simply the cost of business, regardless of those who are not paid fairly.  That is how bankruptcy works.  Your debts are paid off.  He boasts that his style of business, this giving a shaft to your obligations is winning.

His past business practices are indicators of how his presidency will unravel.

He has already begun a negative branding campaign, fashioned after the Birther Movement.  And this is what a bully does.  By putting it out there, the story that Obama wire taped him at the Trump towers, then that story will get legs.  People hating Obama or what his Presidency stood for, will buy onto the “wiretap” story and will perpetuate it, even if it isn’t true.  A bully will say something nasty, not because it is true, but because the shear outrageousness will give the story a life of its own.  Trump and Bannon, through the Alt-right Breitbart media have tried this game out before and since it has worked in the past, it will be used again.

So Trump is planting the seeds to be able to say that it was not him, it was someone else who said it and he was just reacting to it.  He is planting the seeds to do a Trumpesque exit.  It aint about Russia, it is about doing global business and like the days of old school empires, Trump has been acting much in the same way.  Russia just happens to be one of the oligarchies at the table.

Here is the Tie in to the March 31st timetable.  It is the end of the first financial quarter. And something has to be reported and made public.  Better to get ahead of it then watch it all burn down.

Trump loves money and feeling like he is rich. The stock market has gone into overdrive and if I had a ton of assets in various markets, I would be selling stocks now and positioning myself to get ready for the bottom to drop out.   If you have a sense when this is going to be, then you would position yourself for the swing and when it happens, take advantage.  In farming, you store up extra hay, and grain especially if you know there will be a drought.  Once everyone else runs out of hay and grain, you can share what you have with those that ran out or sell yours at a higher price. Trump understands commodities and my guess is that he would not help out his neighbors, he would buy low and sell high.

So when the political heat gets too high, when he comes too close to the edge of losing his financial holdings through his companies, then he will walk rather than be forced into impeachment and potentially losing his companies.  It might be because of some wrong Russian chit-chat before the actually presidency, or it might be some illegal financial hood-winking that we don’t know about yet.  I tend to believe the latter. I think that there are some shady business and government crisscrossing going on and his children are in the middle of it.  He will be offered or will see an easy way to settle without looking guilt.

Then he will blame it on the media, on the democrats, on the system, on everyone but himself.  He will try and spin it that his hands are tied and for the benefit of the country, (because he is such a patriot) he needs to step down and “let” Pence take over.  He will walk with all of his holdings.

He just can’t help being himself.


Author: Chaplain Jump

A former shepherd turned chaplain who likes to blog

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