Meet the Chaplain

alex and brutus

Welcome to my blog.  I began blogging back when I had a sheep farm in rural Vermont under Black Ram Farm and Owl Tavern. I was a shepherd.

Life changed and I made a decision to follow my call which led me to Andover Newton Theological School and a Master of Divinity degree. Now on to a new chapter. I begin again and I pick up my story as  Hospice Chaplain.  Now just a shepherd of a different kind of flock.

This blog is my where I meet my muse.  Writing is an opportunity for me to free flow my thoughts and ideas and in the openness of the internet I write without fear.  All the writings in this blog are mine and as such are opinion, apt to change at any time.  Sometimes I write about real people, sometimes I make up the name or the setting but the story might be based on something real.

The funny thing is, I am highly dyslexic and as such, will often misspell. I will add or delete punctuation without rhyme or reason and I will often put the wrong word in.  I don’t have a choice about being dyslexic. But I do have a voice.

Welcome to my wonky little world.



Official Disclaimer:  The perceptions, opinion, beliefs and attitudes expressed are those of Alexandra Jump, invited writers and  blog commenters.  This blog  or comments to this blog do not represent the policies, standards, opinions of my employer, its affiliated companies, contractors, vendors or residents.   2/13/2017





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